New book ‘The Landscape of Affordances’

Ronald Rietveld and I are proud to launch our book The Landscape of Affordances. The limited edition is already sold out! An extended 2021 edition will appear soon.

What happens when visual art, experimental architecture and academic philosophy join forces? In their book Erik Rietveld and Ronald Rietveld zoom in on their philosophy of radical embodied cognitive science, the process of making, and the materiality of RAAAF’s site-specific artworks. By placing them under the microscope, ten (!) new works were created; meticulously constructed out of 800 super high resolution photos.

Published by Black Paper Press. Graphic design by Ricky Rijkenberg. Printed by Robstolk Amsterdam. Book launch was at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

If you are interested in the 2021 edition send an email to

Link to our article in Phil Studies.

There is more great news from our ERC-project: The journal Philosophical Studies has accepted a paper by Jasper van den Herik and myself that is titled ‘Reflective Situated Normativity‘. It is a follow up of my 2008 Mind paper, which discusses the concept of situated normativity primarily in the context of skilled unreflective action. Situated normativity is the ability of skilled individuals to distinguish better from worse, adequate from inadequate, appropriate from inappropriate, or correct from incorrect in the context of a particular situation (Rietveld, 2008). In the new forthcoming article, we aim to explore and sketch the role of the concept of situated normativity in characterising more reflective forms of normativity. The goal of the paper is two-fold: first, by showing more reflective forms of normativity to be continuous with unreflective situated normativity, we bring these reflective forms of normativity into the reach of embodied accounts of cognition; and second, by extending the concept of situated normativity, new light is thrown on questions regarding reflective forms of cognition.

1 thought on “New book ‘The Landscape of Affordances’

  1. Beste Erik, als het goed is hebben we ons voor het boek gemeld…klopt dat Groetjes


    Website: Twitter: @PaulVoest


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