Art in Grief

In case of sudden loss and grief, you often lose connection with yourself, the world and others. Many people suffer from anxiety, sadness and loneliness as a result. Recognizing the impact of, for example, Covid-19 as grief, opens up a new perspective on these feelings. The research questions of the project Art in Grief are:

How can visual art help people to regain grip on their situation after a profound change or loss in life? How can artworks support people in grief in times of Covid-19?

Geerteke van Lierop at artwork Deltawerk // by RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon. Photo by Marijn Smulders

People need the experience of connection to get more grip and see a perspective.  Interacting with artworks can help restore and strengthen that connection. When you are experiencing loss, you often fail to see the wealth of possibilities that the world has to offer. Art can broaden the field of view for those possibilities and get people moving.

Art in Grief is a collaboration between writer, coach and actress Geerteke van Lierop, Ronald Rietveld (Foundation RAAAF Public) and Socrates Professor in Philosophy Erik Rietveld (RAAAF). Erik Rietveld and Ronald Rietveld are members of the KNAW Society of Arts. Supported by the Cultuurmakers fonds.

Read more on the Art in Grief at the website (in Dutch):

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